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better than you.

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Alright, so, it's like this. Samuel Cooper Davis (thegreatcartomb) and Anderson Sullivan Jonas (andersonisneon) are the coolest, funniest, smartest, most attractive guys you know. They are also NOT the guys in that picture, in case you were wondering. So, anyway, as a favor (and a little bit out of pity) they (we) started a Livejournal community by the people, but not for the people.

This commmunity is elite as fuck. For us to let you join, you've got to send us a picture, complete an interview and maybe buy us a sandwich and/or a donut. With the exception of the edible parts, you can email the above address if you're interested (which we know you are).

I bet you're thinking "What shitty condescending guys, that hurts my feelings." Well, you know what, puke-baby? We condescend because we're better. Fuck you. This community is for classy folk, not trash like you.


-Sam & Andy